Recognizing Life Patterns


It is a valuable skill for a person to be able recognize patterns that are developed throughout one’s life. By recognizing them, we can forecast, prevent, and more quickly assess situations that are present or upcoming

Case in point:

When I noticed that the office seemed to smell like dog poop, I should know by now not to spend time looking around and wondering who stepped in it . . . . My life pattern would dictate that I only need to look down.

Single Family Asylum

The Overtime Season

It is now officially the overtime season in the world of tree trimmers. You may have noticed a slowing down in my posting. As a middle aged tree trimmer, it is hard to stay awake for very long after plunking my butt down on the couch after a long day of climbing trees. I sometimes wake up the next morning still sitting in the same spot where I sat down after returning home from work the night before. Sometimes, I even have the partially chewed remnants of the previous night’s dinner still in my mouth.

But rest assured, I am thinking about all of you out there in the blogosphere constantly. I even dream about you all. . . . . . We’ll ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but never the less, I do miss having the time and energy to post my nonsense for the world to read. 

I will squeeze out a post whenever I can!

Efficient on-the-job napping.

As a tree trimmer who sometimes works long hours, I am always on the lookout for new ways to catch up on a few minutes of sleep during the day. I discovered this method last summer.
It takes at least ten minutes for someone to notice you laying on the ground, followed by another 8 minutes of panic and deciding what they should do, and then at least 15 minutes of waiting for the ambulance to get there while everyone repeatedly yells, “DON’T MOVE HIS NECK!”.
At which point you simply stand up and announce that you were just taking a rest with a log on your head…….. A 33 minute nap.


As I surf through the blogosphere, I’ve noticed there seems to be quite a few poetry blogs. I have never really given poetry much thought, but reading some of the posts on these blogs has inspired me.

So here is my first attempt at a poem other than being forced to write a haiku in sixth grade:

My Blogging Poem

I wish that I didn’t
have to work every day
I wish that my blog
would earn me my pay

I’d wake up at noon
and eat a Pop Tart
Then sit down and write
my daily brain fart

Every post that I’d write
would make people cheer
In the mail the next day
a check would appear

To realize this dream
I think that the key
is seven million readers
devoted to me

So please do your part
and insist to your friends
that they all become
my means to an end