A Question.

So if aliens were to take over a persons brain . . . Does that person know that their brain has been taken over? Or would they just suddenly wake up one day and find that their hat fit a little tighter and it seemed like maybe they could read the thoughts of their cat?

. . . No not me. . I’m asking for a friend. . .

Please take my survey if you wouldn’t mind.

While frolicking through fields of “blogs I follow” I happened upon a blogger conducting a survey. It seemed to attract a lot of people who were willing to participate. A short while later, I happened upon a morsel of blogging advice somewhere within the bowels of WordPress that suggested conducting surveys is a wonderful way to attract readers to your blog.

So, I hereby announce the first installment of The Single Family Asylum survey post. It would be wonderful if you all could take a few minutes and answer the questions.


Here we go.

Question 1:  What color socks am I wearing right now . . . . 

My wife, who is obnoxiously leaning over my shoulder reading as I type, claims that this isn’t a good survey question. I was hoping to trick you all with the fact that I am wearing one white and one grey sock, but I suppose she has a point in that you all can’t actually see my socks . . . So we will just move on.

Question 2:  Do any of you have one of those cats that has extra thumbs? When I worked for a landscaper back years ago, he had one of those cats that had extra thumbs (I think he had six on one paw and seven digits on the other). My co-worker and myself nicknamed “Thumbs” and we became quite fond of him . . . . until the day that my co-worker accidentally ran him over with- . . . .

My wife is again informing me that this is not a good survey question and that I am turning it into more of a reminiscing than a question . . . . Whatever, miss survey expert. Let’s move on. 

Question 3:  If, hypothetically, a person asked another person to “please fix the vacuum cleaner belt so that I can vacuum” and then the hypothetical person who was replacing the belt cut his finger on a piece of glass that was stuck in the vacuum belt housing space and then got angry and cursed in front of the children and then threw the vacuum, broken belt and all, out with the trash and wasn’t able to calm down in time to retrieve it before the garbage truck came and took it away forever . . . . . . Would you think it was completely the fault of the person who was changing the belt and got cut? Or the fault of the vacuum? This is a completely random and hypothetical question, but before you answer, keep I’m mind that the person fixing the belt was inured in the process and tired from being at work all day and probably couldn’t help losing his temper.

Question 4:  What is the greatest band ever? 

I will give you a hint:  feminine color/name of barber on The Andy Griffeth Show.

Umm, ok, I guess that will do for my first survey. Please post your answers in the comment section provided below. 

Thank you for participating!

Blog Following Etiquette?

I now have a whopping 60 followers. This honestly thrills me to no end! And it seems only polite to follow-back, all those who have followed my blog, but I’m starting to see how this could get a bit crazy. 

I have only a limited time for blogging. Most of my posts are written in spare moments throughout day on the “notes” app on my phone, or are brought up from my ridiculous story vault and dusted off to be posted. So when I have a few minutes to catch up on the blogs I follow, I usually just go to Reader and scroll through “blogs I follow”. But the more blogs I follow, the less I see of the blogs that I truly enjoy. 

I really have no interest in a blog devoted to knitting mittens out of yak’s hair. . . . Even though the blog may be very well put together and more than effectively covers the world of yak hair knitting. Yet, it seems only courteous to follow such a blog if they were kind enough to follow mine.

How do the mega-bloggers handle this issue? Do they follow all fifteen thousand bloggers who follow their site? How do they keep up with the blogs that they truly enjoy? Or do they not follow everyone automatically?

I have a great fear of being impolite to people, but I’m already losing posts from the blogs I like to the barrage of posts in my Reader . . . . And I really don’t have that many followers!