Big clumsy Fingers

I have big clumsy fingers. They don’t always work well with phone apps.

With the WordPress app, I find myself accidentally hitting things that I wasn’t intending on hitting.

One such thing is the “follow” button that is all too close to the link that takes me to the blog I am trying to get to. I end up “unfollowing” by mistake. Then I have to decide if it will cause more damage to leave the blog unfollowed and hope the blogger doesn’t notice, or re-follow causing a notification to pop up and most certainly making the blog owner wonder what kind of shenanigans I am up to.

I end up liking a lot of my own posts as well. I would never do this intentionally . . . . It just seems vain. But it happens when my bullish fingers go wandering through the china shop of the WordPress app.

The Worpress app has a lag that causes me problems as well. I’ll hit “like” on a particular post, and it takes several seconds for the little star to change colors. I get impatient and hit the “like” again. The little star finally changes color but then immediately back to it’s original color because I hit the like button twice. I have repeated this scenario up to ten times . . . Sending ten notifications to a blogger that I liked their post. . . . . ten times.

Again, I’m sure they are wondering what sort of shenanigans I am up to.

Thank you!

I want to sincerely thank all of you who stick around and read my nonsense. I feel so bad that I just can’t find time to visit all of your blogs more often. Summer is such a busy time at work for me, and the few hours I have to devote to creative persuits has to be divided between blogging, cartooning, and carving log furniture.

I wish I could have one whole day a week to devote to blogging and actually put effort into promoting my own, but congress has turned a deaf ear to my 8 day week lobbying efforts.

Thank you all very much! 

Here are a few photos of my other projects:


Flattapuss Blog Picks.

This is so embarrassing. I’m three blog award posts behind. I don’t even know where to start. My negligence may leave me with no choice but to abbreviate some of the award acceptance duties, but I will do my best.

The first was the Liebster Award nomination which came from Trudy at Rendezvous En New York. I am sorry Trudy for how long it has taken me to get to this post.

The second award, The Real Neat Blog Award came from Annie Emmy Evans from Under and Over, Around and Through.

And last but not least is a second Real Neat Blog Award from Ritu at But I Smile Any Way.

For the Liebster Award I am required to answer some questions:

1. Why did you choose your blog topic?

I guess because my family makes me laugh, and I like to take the ridiculous things that happen and make them even more ridiculous.

2. Give one tip you have learned that has helped you be a better blogger.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t really know the answer to that. I’m still kind of winging it. I have gotten some helpful advice a few times from Raymond at Encouraging Life, for which I thank him.

3. Where else would you live if you had a choice?

I don’t know that either. I think during winter I would like to live in Florida or Arizona, but during summer, I am pretty happy here in Michigan.

4. How do you spend your time when you aren’t blogging?

There are endless things I like to do. I like drawing and cartooning. I also carve furniture out of large logs. I am an extremely social person, so I spend time with friends and family as much as I can.

5. What is your favorite television show?

Other than any documentary type show in Discovery or History channels, it would probably be The Middle . . . . Big surprise there, eh?

6. What would be your idea of an amazing weekend?

Wow, Its amazing how hard such simple questions are to answer. I think an amazing weekend would involve hanging out with my family and friends in a vacation type setting . . . maybe a beach or a cabin in the woods. . . . and a beer or two.

7. Do you have ant pets? Why or why not?

Yes, we have Cee Cee, the Persian cat, Lydia, the insane cat, and Pippi, a Greyhound rescue. I love them all, but they drive me crazy. I think they may not be replaced when the pass. My wife and I look forward to a house free of pet hair and litter boxes.

8. Introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert, although it may not be obvious to people right away. I’m just as content to shut up and listen as I am being the center of attention. But I have to be around people periodically or I go crazy.

9. What is your favorite movie?

Definitely Coen Brothers, probably The Big Lebowski.

10. Summarize your blog in one sentence.

Single Family Asylum is a celebration of all the ridiculousness that occurs in a family.

Ok, now on to the next set of questions from Annie:

1. 1.On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love June Cleaver?

I would have to give that a 2. I really don’t give poor June much thought.

2. Your mom just called. What do you do now?

Actually, my mom just discovered texting and it seems to be a novelty to her. She hasn’t actually called in quite a while.

3. Where in the world IS Carmen San Diego?

She is in Sydney, Australia with Waldo.

4. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee . . . Sooo Coffee.

5. Are you as cool as I am? If so, why have we not met yet?!

I don’t really consider myself as cool, so I guess no. My strength is in being easy going. And the next time you are in Southeast Michigan, we will meet for coffee . . . not tea, then we will have met.

6. Feet. Do they gross you out as much as they do me?

Yes, except for my own, but others people feet, ewwwww. I totally don’t understand the whole foot fetish thing.

7. A Prince song comes on the radio. Do you turn the station or turn it up and jam out?

That would depend on which Prince song and my current mood.

And now for Ritu’s questions:

1. Love or money?

Love, I’m quite used to living without money, life without love would be a wasted life.

2. Where would you ideally love to live?

Michigan summers and anywhere warm for winter.

3. Real book or electronic device like a Kindle?

This may come as a shock to people because I love to write, but I am not much of a reader at all. It’s not because I don’t want to be, I just have a brain that won’t let me stay on track for more than a page or two. But I think if I was more of a reader, it would be real book.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably my dad. He taught me through his actions to respect and value every person. I got some of my humor from him.

5. Do you have a pet?

Two cats, and one Greyhound.

6. How important is family to you?

My family means everything to me. They keep me grounded, I can tend to get a little crazy when left to my own devices. They are what I live for.

7. What has been your best ever blogging day?

Probably my first like and follow . . . . “Hey! someone actually likes the crap I just wrote!”

Well, that takes care of the questions. Here is where I am going to drop the ball. I am just going to give my normal Flattapuss shout outs to some blogs. I haven’t the energy to figure out who to nominate for which, and come up with more questions. I apologize sincerely.

Now before I list the Flattapuss Blog picks for this week, I want to say that there are sooo many good blogs out there, and I have such a short attentions span and time to find all the good blogs. I have read some of your blogs and thought, “that will make a good Flattapuss pick,” and then forgotten completely the next day. I also tend to pick blogs that don’t quite seem to get the attention they disserve. If your blog has a bazillion followers or regularly gets a dozen or so likes per post, I tend to think you are doing pretty good without my endorsement, but that is not a hard and fast rule either.

So here are the Flattapuss Blog picks:

This blog, Shop Girl Anonymous is about wording and managing retail stores. This is not something that I would normally read. I am a tree trimmer and I hate shopping. But what I like about this blog is that Shop Girl actually makes a discussion on the world of retail, interesting. Anyone thinking about or currently working in retail should seriously check out this blog. If you are not seeking a career in retail, you might actually enjoy the posts anyway!

It is actually not easy to make me laugh, but this guy has done it. He has a strong following . . stronger than mine by a long shot, but I like his blog and Paul seems like someone I would like if I met him face to face. Anyhow check out The Captains Speech

Now in the interest of providing variety and not just always picking blogs that run along the same line as my own, I will venture into new and unfamiliar territory here. This next blog is . . . well, rant . . . sometimes rant extreme. I see ranting blogs around, so if a good uncensored opinionated slap in the face is what you’re after, Drakanewh
might be your blog.

Another blog from the makes me laugh category is The Ranting Monkey. Monkey’s A to Z challenge never fails to make me chuckle.

And finally, “Great” Thoughts. This no-frills blog is pretty much the day to day goings on of a normal family, but I love how Andrew will sneak bits of his humor into what would be an otherwise simple description of his day.

Give these blogs a gander and a follow!

Flattapuss Blog Picks.

Each Week, I consult with my cat Cee-Cee (Flattapuss) and we decide on a few blogs to throw out for your consideration. Some I just stumble upon, while others have actually found my blog which then lead me to their own site.

This week’s Flattapuss Blog Picks are:

Problems with Infinity caught my eye and soon had me chuckling as I read through a few posts.

Crusty Pie takes old black and white photos and captions them . . . . Quite well, might I add.

Mom of 1 and 10 who’s stories remind me of way back when my own girls were just little persons.

And finally there is Fear of the Reaper who never fails to make me smile when I visit.

Check them out and give them a like or a follow if they scratch your itch!


Flattapuss Blog Picks.

Each Week I post a few blogs that have caught my interest while surfing the Blogosphere, or by bloggers who have visited my own humble site.

This weeks Flattapuss blog picks:

First off, the blogs of a few people I actually know outside the computer world:

The Seekers Of
I am Phil Owen

And now some people I’ve met in the Blogosphere:

My Friday Blog
Guy vs Life
Edwina’s Episodes

Check out these blogs and give them a follow if they fit your blogging fancy!

I got 99 followers, and I just need one.

99 followers . . . . Somebody . . . . Please. 

You could be the one who allows me to say that my followers “number in the hundreds”. 

Do it. Just hit follow. I’ll follow your blog in return. Even if it’s a blog dedicated collecting vintage sporks, or even a blog about Kleenex sculptures. 

I would even follow a blog dedicated to Justin Bieber . . . . That’s how desperate I am for 100 . . . . 

So just do it.

Blog Following Etiquette?

I now have a whopping 60 followers. This honestly thrills me to no end! And it seems only polite to follow-back, all those who have followed my blog, but I’m starting to see how this could get a bit crazy. 

I have only a limited time for blogging. Most of my posts are written in spare moments throughout day on the “notes” app on my phone, or are brought up from my ridiculous story vault and dusted off to be posted. So when I have a few minutes to catch up on the blogs I follow, I usually just go to Reader and scroll through “blogs I follow”. But the more blogs I follow, the less I see of the blogs that I truly enjoy. 

I really have no interest in a blog devoted to knitting mittens out of yak’s hair. . . . Even though the blog may be very well put together and more than effectively covers the world of yak hair knitting. Yet, it seems only courteous to follow such a blog if they were kind enough to follow mine.

How do the mega-bloggers handle this issue? Do they follow all fifteen thousand bloggers who follow their site? How do they keep up with the blogs that they truly enjoy? Or do they not follow everyone automatically?

I have a great fear of being impolite to people, but I’m already losing posts from the blogs I like to the barrage of posts in my Reader . . . . And I really don’t have that many followers!