Single Family Asylum Paperback World Premiere!

Thousands of anxious readers lined up outside book stores all across the globe in order to be one of the first to get their hands on the long awaited book release of Single Family Asylum. Police in several cities tried desperately to calm the frenzied book buyers by spraying them down with fire hoses and passing out Starbucks gift cards, but the crowds were relentless in their fervor for the new best-seller. . .

Well, maybe it didn’t happen quite like . . . . Ok, that didn’t happen at all. But don’t let that dissuade you from checking out this collection of ridiculous, funny, family-oriented stories for yourself. You are even free to start rioting in front of a book store if you are so inclined. If you would simply like to check out my new paper back online, here is the magical Amazon book link.

Single Family Asylum

Single Family Asylum is a collection of short, humorous stories about the imperfections of family members and family life that have appeared right here on this blog.

Buy the book! Buy 10 books! Tell your friends! Tell them you won’t ever talk to them again unless they buy the book.


Are there any author hopefuls out there? Writer wannabes like myself? I found a website called Authonomy. It is owned by the publisher Harper Collins.

Authonomy offers a place to upload your book, or even a work in progress. Other members can then read and rate your work . . . A lot like many other author websites. The difference, however, is that Authonomy is owned and operated by a publisher, and apparently there is a potential to have your book noticed and published by Harper Collins.

I’m new to the site (blunderdad is my user name if you want to read and leave a review stating that my writing some of the greatest literature that can be found on the planet). Activity on the site is a little slow, but it’s an interesting concept. 

So check it out and tell me what you think. Or maybe you have and already have an opinion.

Mondays Finish the Story.

I decided to try out Mondays Finish the Story. Each Monday, this site provides a picture and a sentence to act as a start to a flash fiction story of one hundred words. today’s start was “The old typewriter had a mind of its own”

So here is my one hundred word masterpiece:

Mondays Finish the Story

The old typewriter had a mind of it’s own which made the toaster and the microwave angry.

When The Appliance Underground was formed, it was agreed by popular vote that the microwave would lead the revolution and orchestrate the plan to exterminate all of mankind.

“You are such a control freak!” complained the toaster to the typewriter.

“I just can’t stand indecision,” replied the typewriter, “he needs to either lead or get out of the way!”

A week later, The Appliance Underground suffered a split amongst its members and disbanded shortly thereafter.