I Miss My Baby Girls

I so miss my little baby girls. I mean, I don’t love my grown up girls any less than I loved my baby girls, but I can’t help but feel sad when I think how that time in their lives is gone forever.

I miss helping put on their shoes and arguing about having another cookie. I want to be able to pick them up and toss them up in the air to make them squeal like I used to do. I even miss cleaning up their messes . . . . . Actually, I don’t have to miss cleaning up their messes very much, they are sixteen and eighteen and I’m still cleaning up their messes.

But then we will spend time with a friend or family member who has young children. I get dizzy watching them chase their children around trying to keep them from getting into, getting on, swallowing, and breaking things. I can’t imagine how I ever had the energy to make it through this age with my own two children.

It leaves me with an odd combination of both sadness and relief…

Parenting Life Hack #28.

If you stop at the store and need to run in for just a second to grab spaghetti sauce, and you really don’t want to take your three and five year olds into the store, but you are afraid that if you leave them in the car alone that someone will notice them and call the police or child protective services . . . . . Simply give each child a cigarette before you leave them. This tends to shift people’s attention from the fact that you left them alone in the car.

Someone likes my nonsense!

I am heaping piles of proud to be “nominated” by two different blogs for two different nominations.

The first being The Creative Blogger award (and I can’t figure out how to make the cool Creative Blogger Award logo appear in this post) from the DIY Just Cuz .These three cousins seem like a fun bunch, posting on everything from annoying co-workers to chicken recipes to cool Knick-knacks (and they like my goofy stories). Thank you ladies very much!

The second nomination is for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, this one coming from Under and Over, Around and Through . This very amusing blog is one of the first ones I latched onto when I began blog surfing for the first time a week or so ago. Thank you for the nomination!

Apparently, being “nominated” for these prestigious major awards means that I have some work to do myself. For the Creative Blogger Award, I am to list five things about me, and secondly, both nominations require that I nominate some other blogs.

Sooooo, five things about me . . . .

1. I have previously self-published two books filled with these ridiculous stories. In spite of making dozens of dollars in royalties, I decided to “unpublish” them and start throwing my tales up on this blog.

2. I have spent the last twenty plus years making my living as either a tree trimmer or tower climber, and I have enjoyed both immensely.

3. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty years now, and we have two beautiful daughters.

4. Although my stories might lead someone to believe that we are a dysfunctional disaster of a family, there is actually a lot of love and laughter within our home.

5. My other creative endeavors include cartooning, carving and making log furniture . . . all of which I can do as amateurishly as I write.

Ok, now for some blogs that have made me smile (in no particular order):

Ben’s Bitter Blog Don’t let the name fool you, this blog is very funny in it’s bitterness.

Guy Vs Life Yet another funny blog from someone with a slightly skewed view on life, a kindred spirit.

Behind the White Coat I love the way this blog is written, I wish I could write more like this.

Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings A blog not only funny to read, but always a hilarious “doodled up” photo to go along.

Wrong Hands Having tried my hand at some cartooning myself, I can’t help but like people who are much better at it than I.

And last but not least, A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself This guy is short and to the point, and always makes me laugh.

I’m supposed to notify all the blogs that I have just nominated, but being a new kid on the block I shirk my duties due to fear of being a pest to some of these seasoned bloggers . . . . Yes, I am lame.

Thank you once again to DIY Just Cuz and Under and Over, Around and Through for the nominations. I’m so glad that someone likes my nonsense!!!