Welcome to the Single Family Asylum!

I am a hard working tree trimmer who loves to play writer in my spare time. I have even self published a book to aid me in my playing writer: Single Family Asylum

As a husband and father, I am well-intentioned but far from perfect.

I love writing about the lunacy and ridiculousness that occurs within a family of imperfect parents and kids. Many of these stories are largely fiction, while others are almost completely true. I refuse to tell which are which.

As you read my ridiculous tales, keep in mind that I love my wife and kids more than life itself. None of my stories are intended to be advice, sound thinking, or even examples of good parenting and marriage.

If any part of my blog makes you angry, remember they are just silly stories meant to entertain. If you still find yourself wanting to punch me in the nose, maybe find another blog to read . . . . maybe a blog that actually claims to provide constructive advice on parenting and marriage. I’m just here to laugh at myself.

However, if you have read a story or two and they made you smile, perhaps had some elements that struck a familiar chord . . . . . Welcome! Come in and stay a while. Leave a comment if it’s light hearted and not intended to start a debate.

32 thoughts on “About

  1. Why thank you very much! Looks like this nomination involves a little work on my part also. Kind of like hot potato, only when the potato gets passed to you, it turns into a lot of potatoes. . . . I will begin work on my finding some blogs to nominate, and I thank you for nominating mine!!!!!

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    • Unfortunately yes, lots of work! Like the saying goes…nothing in life is free! Pretty fun getting the opportunity to showcase some of your favorite blogs though…choosing yours was easy. Especially as a soon to be mother reading your blog makes me both excited and nervous. Haha. -Sam

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  2. My name is Katherine Hope and I am the Founder/Editor in Chief of Life and the Single Parent Magazine and President of You Will Survive Foundation. We are at our one year anniversary and we are looking for more writers to share their experiences with other single parent families. This year Life and the Single Parent Magazine will be in the stores starting in our South Florida Region. This is on a volunteer basis for now, but will eventually grow into financial stability. If you are interested, I can be reached at y.w.s@live.com. Also you can check out our website at http://www.lifeandthesingleparent.com.


  3. Good Morning,

    As a mother with two teenage daughters, I commonly find myself referencing the information on Single Family Asylum . I wanted to give you a quick shout and let you know that I appreciate all of the great information and tools you have provided me to acting as a responsible parent to my children. I shared your website link with my group of Moms on my facebook page, who I know will find value in your site.

    I wanted to also share a resource with you that helps parents overcome the often overlooked and avoided initiation of coversation regarding texting and driving. I came across this information last week, and used some of the information to talk to my two daughters, Chloe and Stephanie. The page has a ton of great information on approaches to take, and was extremely easy to read. Heres where I found it: scottgottlieblaw.com/talk-to-teens-about-distracted-driving

    I wanted to see if you could take a look, and see what you thought. Could you let me know? Maybe this is something you could also share with your audience?

    Thank you,

    Donna Fitzgerald


  4. Oh geez, you’ve got a million awards already…… but I’m still nominating you for yet another! If have the time, details at my site… have a great day! 🙂

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