Pasta Hoarding.


In our house, there is a delicate balance between not having enough pasta, and having way too much pasta.
I’m not a list maker . . . Sort of a maverick when it comes to shopping. . . So at the grocery store, while staring at the rows of pasta, I try to remember if I was last angry because we didn’t have enough of the right kind of pasta, or angry because the supply of pasta was enough for the whole county.
When in doubt, buy pasta . . . Although it can lead to a cupboard that looks like this.

5 thoughts on “Pasta Hoarding.

  1. Came across your blog via Submittable. You write great humor! This post cracked me up, because my sister seems to have the same issue, but with canned beans. Personally, I’d much rather stock up on pasta than beans, but to each her own. When I visited her home last summer, her pantry shelves were 75% full of canned beans, some of which were surely past the expiration date. When she visited me at Xmas, she went to the grocery to buy a few things, and came back with three cans of beans, which now sit in my pantry now….hmmm… -G

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