To Everything, there is a Season. . . Even Cats.

I like cats. I really do. You might even say that I’m a cat person.

But three is a lot for our small house. The hair and litter boxes are hard to keep up with.

Two of the three cats are very old and grumpy. They have lived good lives

Basically what I’m saying is . . . If the kitty-cat Death Angel came calling, I would not paint my door frame with lambs blood.

6 thoughts on “To Everything, there is a Season. . . Even Cats.

  1. When I was younger I used to love cats… dragged them home with me from time to time, driving my mom nuts. As I grew up, I began to develop and allergy to cats. That sucked from the start, but not nearly as much as it does now that that allergy is ten times worse.
    These days I have one cat –a beloved pet to the rest of my family, but she gets me sneezing and itchy and makes my eyes water– that is well over a decade old. We’re not sure how old, exactly, but she’s old, y’know? And I hate to admit it, but I keep sort of waiting for the kitty-cat death angle to come and save me from the endless cat torture. I mean, I’d miss her. probably quite a lot, but…
    ok, and now I’m realizing how horrible I sound. What I mean to say was, shame on you!! How could you say such things about your pretty kitties.
    Phew! Morality crisis averted.


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