What Would/Did You Do?

We had just pulled into the parking spot of our family vacation destination, and had begun unloading our luggage into the room where we would stay for the next four days. It had taken us four hours of driving to get here.

My wife began removing clothes from the suitcases and laundry baskets (poor people luggage) and putting them into the dresser drawers provided in the resort room. We had already gotten past out usual argument about whether my clothes should be left in the suitcase or put into drawers like everyone else’s. A thought flashed through the back of my mind, not even a complete thought, more like the formations of what could turn into a thought. It involved not being able to recall seeing Natalie’s “Blanky” in the time since we had departed home.
Like nearly every parent knows, Blanky was a beat up, tattered child’s blanket that Natalie had held tight since she was an infant. Her grandma had sewed its remnants onto another piece of cloth to act as a backing. This due to the fact that the original Blanky had worn to a state where it was more “hole” than material. It reminded me of some precious historical relic, The Shroud of Turin or some flag that had endured many hard fought battles. 
“Where’s Blanky?” I whispered quietly to my wife.
She scanned around the room then paused for a moment thinking, and then looking back at me with shear terror in her eyes.
“We don’t have Blanky!!!” she answered in a slightly elevated whisper voice.
Just then, Natalie paused in the doorway of the room and looked at the two of us like she suspected something was going on. My wife and I froze . . . as if any movement or or sound would alert the child to the absence of Blanky.
Finally, Natalie went back to bouncing around like she had been.
The next minute or two involved an argument between my wife and myself using our whisper voices, and even whisper shouting. Statements were made such as “I thought you were going to …”, and “no, I was busy packing all the . . . ”
Once the whisper shoutings and blame assignments had concluded, it was on to the real problem . . . What to do about the absence of Blanky. 
What would you do? Or in some cases, what did you do? 
Opt for inconvenience and peace by driving home to get it? 
Endure the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would surely accompany a vacation without Blanky? 
Chance it with a substitute?

10 thoughts on “What Would/Did You Do?

  1. WOW!!!! TOUGH DECISION!!! YIKES!!! Unfortunately, I say…DO NOT GO GET BLANKY!!! 😊😊😊 Great teaching moment for all involved!!! I don’t envy you or your wife, on this. It’s so easier said than done. “Blanky stayed home. It/he/she needs a break. It wanted us to have time together.” Kids are resilient. You will be surprised. Perhaps an AMAZING replacement (as if) would help. 😕😕😊😊😊 You guys can do it!! Have fun! Post the outcome!!! 😊😊😊

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  2. I once hopped out of the little car of the train at the zoo to grab my daughter’s Peter Rabbit stuffed toy, that she had just dropped over the railing. Pretty sure it was a dangerous thing to do, and if someone who worked for the zoo had spotted me I would have been kicked off the train, but both Peter and I made it safely back in the car before the train started moving.
    Honestly, I didn’t even think about it….I just did it, after one look at my young daughter’s horrified face as she realized what she had done.

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