Big clumsy Fingers

I have big clumsy fingers. They don’t always work well with phone apps.

With the WordPress app, I find myself accidentally hitting things that I wasn’t intending on hitting.

One such thing is the “follow” button that is all too close to the link that takes me to the blog I am trying to get to. I end up “unfollowing” by mistake. Then I have to decide if it will cause more damage to leave the blog unfollowed and hope the blogger doesn’t notice, or re-follow causing a notification to pop up and most certainly making the blog owner wonder what kind of shenanigans I am up to.

I end up liking a lot of my own posts as well. I would never do this intentionally . . . . It just seems vain. But it happens when my bullish fingers go wandering through the china shop of the WordPress app.

The Worpress app has a lag that causes me problems as well. I’ll hit “like” on a particular post, and it takes several seconds for the little star to change colors. I get impatient and hit the “like” again. The little star finally changes color but then immediately back to it’s original color because I hit the like button twice. I have repeated this scenario up to ten times . . . Sending ten notifications to a blogger that I liked their post. . . . . ten times.

Again, I’m sure they are wondering what sort of shenanigans I am up to.

6 thoughts on “Big clumsy Fingers

  1. It has been several months since I have actually utilized WordPress, much less the app, but I can remember having several difficulties with it. Working with many software and app designers I used to wonder how a company as huge as wordpress, that depend solely on their web based users, did not have a better on the go method for us WP addicts. I’m sure by now they have worked out some of the bigger kinks…I hope.

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    • I don’t think entities like WordPress really care about what readers think.

      I and many people have complained that someone reading a story in “reader” doesn’t count as a “hit”….. But there is never a response or a change.

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  2. Oh, I think I must be doing the same thing! I’ll read a post, “like” it… but then looking at the post in my “reader” my like isn’t showing up… so I like it again. did I just cancel it out? Too much to think about. guilty also for accidentally liking my own posts… kind of sad when sometimes I’m the only person to do it 🙂 🙂

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