I’m Not One of Those Bloggers.

I see it all the time. The owner of a blog or Facebook page that was actually worth reading will get published or will self publish, which is what I did with my book Single Family Asylum, and then suddenly their blog or page becomes one big advertisement for their book.

I (author of Single Family Asylum) am just not going to be that blogger. I think that I have already made it clear that my book, Single Family Asylum, is available on Amazon ( Single Family Asylum ) and I’m going to leave it at that rather than continually shoving the fact that my book, Single Family Asylum, is on Amazon ( Single Family Asylum ) and ready for you to purchase it (from Amazon)(Single Family Asylum).

To me, Jon Ziegler author of Single Family Asylum, this is nothing short of vanity. It is certainly not something I would write about in my Amazon book Single Family Asylum. And you (the potential purchaser of Single Family Asylum) would never catch me taking some cheesy selfie posing like an author (even though I actually am Jon Ziegler author of Single Family Asylum) with reading glasses on my nose as an author prop, Single Family Asylum  and a computer in the background to suggest that I had just finished writing my book Single Family Asylum.

So fear not Single Family Asylum my faithful readers of the Single Family Asylum blog which is also now available in book form here: Single Family Asylum . I will never Single Family Asylum ever stoop Single Family Asylum  so low Single Family Asylum as to turn my blog Single Family Asylum into a shameless Single Family Asylum promotional site Single Family Asylum.

But just Single Family Asylum in case Single Family Asylum you missed Single Family Asylum my previous Single Family Asylum Single Family Asylum posts announcing Single Family Asylum the availability of Single Family Asylum the book (Single Family Asylum ), my book Single Family Asylum >***Single Family Asylum***> can be purchased by you Single Family Asylum Single Family Asylum  Single Family Asylum here Single Family Asylum on Single Family Asylum Amazon Single Family Asylum : Single Family Asylum.

Sincerely, Jon Ziegler author of Single Family Asylum

25 thoughts on “I’m Not One of Those Bloggers.

  1. Not sure what you’re trying to say here …. I’ve thought really hard about it, and I think, maybe, you are trying to subtly hint that you may have bunged some words together for a book?
    As I said, it’s only just a guess on my part because you weren’t very clear.
    Really, I think if you want to cut it as an author you need to be more precise with your words, just a thought.
    Oh, and I’ve heard that subliminal messaging is a good thing, so maybe you want to try some of that.
    Single Family Asylum to you. 🙂

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    • I’m very sorry, I’m way behind on reading everyone’s blog. I’m planning on doing some surfing this weekend.

      I started a new office type job which is very different than the tree and tower climbing I’m used to…. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed …. But I’m getting in the groove and should be freeing up more time 🙂

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  2. One, Amazon just thanked me for the opportunity to download a certain unmentioned book to my Kindle. Two, I wish I had the selflessness that you have displayed by never mentioning your own works. It’s refreshing and speaks of a higher calling that will surely win you a Nobel Prize at some point. Three, over on my own blog, where I never say a word about my own books, except for the brazen display of my books that appear on every page of the blog, I just don’t know if I have the temerity to show the restraint that you have. Four, my books are currently cheaper than yours, both financially and probably spiritually. I’m not necessarily saying that budget-minded folks should find their way to my blog, and we certainly don’t want a pricing war between good friends, but if the wind happens to blow a few curious readers my way, I am not going to refute Mother Nature. Cheers! (Disclaimer: The preceding message may or may not be attributable to a lack of fiber in someone’s diet.)

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    • However did you know I had a book?? If I were a vain man, I might be sitting in front of my computer repeatedly refreshing the amazon page where my book resides in order to see it’s sales rank move up a point.

      I also just bought a book about some French craziness. I will read it as soon as I finish the book I’m currently reading, Single Family Asylum!

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