Saturday Night: It’s a Dad Thing.

It’s Saturday night. A night that promises reward for all of the preceding week’s labor. A night for the young-at-heart to cut loose and bend a few rules. It’s party night, a night I used to look forward too.

What am I doing this Saturday night? I’m wandering around the Meijer lawn and garden section looking at fancy expensive lawn mowers that I can’t afford. I’m drinking coffee at Tim Horton’s and using their WIFI to check my Facebook for the eleventh time and read stories on my CNN app. I’m napping in the front seat of my car with the radio playing.

And what has inspired me to spend my Saturday evening doing such excitement filled activities? I’m killing time while my daughter watches a movie with her friends because it’s not worth it to drive all the way home for a half hour and then drive all the way back to get her when the movie is over.

That’s what my Saturday nights have degraded to. I am no longer one who participates in the joyous activities of a weekend earned. I have been demoted to being the support staff to my daughter’s fun-filled social life.

Yep, I’m rockin’ the dad thing.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Night: It’s a Dad Thing.

  1. Hey, kudos on doing the dad thing! Some kids don’t even know their dads. It’s moments like these they’ll remember… You being there when they needed you to. This is what it’s all about. Love. Be the best dad you can be. She needs it.

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  2. Hang in there! Having teenagers is a lot like having toddlers and babies: your time is no longer your own, and you rarely sleep. But in a few more years, you’ll have an empty nest, and you’ll be able to go out on Saturday nights again, and also get a good night’s sleep without waiting for your kids to come safely home. But here’s the weird thing: there will be times when you miss these days!

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    • We have one in college, the other is often gone socializing. My wife and I are beginning to find ourselves home alone more and more often. We just look at each other and wonder, “what do we do now?”

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  3. Meh, it’s a good thing. We got in more trouble back then anyway yes? I wish I could have all that money back! Tonight I make dog food and freeze lunch for the week. My son and I had a serious debate about the quality of my cooking, that was fun 🙂 Enjoy it!


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