Get Your Hands off my Email.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV, when all of a sudden the front door burst open and a representative from Levi’s came running into our living room. Before I could react, he ripped my jeans from off of my body and threw them into the garbage. Then, after a brief struggle, he was able to force me into a newer version of the pants I had been wearing. 

“There you go” he said cheerfully as he opened the door to leave, “You’ll thank me later.”

I felt a bit violated not having a choice in the matter. Worse yet, I soon discovered that my pockets had been rearranged. Instead of two back pockets, I now had one big pocket on the left thigh. And my front pockets were now on the knees. The belt loops were gone because this new pair of jeans was supposed to be fitted better to my butt, eliminating the need for a belt according to the Levi’s guy.

 I was angry . . . . No, furious!

Actually, that never really happened, but it’s how I feel when Windows, or Facebook, or Itunes, or Gmail, or some other operating system or app decides that it is in my best interest to just yank away a version of their program that I am comfortable with, and replace it with one that they deem more beneficial.

I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, so these changes can be very traumatic. There is comfort in familiarity when it comes to my relationship with technology. It makes me livid, when you take away a system I am used to. That system was my security. It was my blanky . . . . .

Give me my old blue jeans back!!!


13 thoughts on “Get Your Hands off my Email.

  1. I hate the fact that they don’t give you the heads up on these type of things. It’s like getting a new cellphone. You learn how to use it…and then drops in the toilet…meh

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    • Ohhh I hate the toilet drop. As a male, Ive found that if I put my phone in the pocket of my hooded sweatshirt, the process of going to the bathroom is almost a guarantee that the phone will work itself out of the pocket and fall into the toilet.

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  2. My wife (and probably half of my friends) have had to hear me do two hour rants on this type of thing. It’s part of the reason why I have an “ancient” 4s iPhone, windows 7 (I gave my window xp laptop to a friend) and a not so quiet loath of Facebook…really, I’m just angry 😉

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  3. You are so right! If any other company just randomly changed its products (after we’ve purchased them, mind you), we wouldn’t tolerate it. But when our internet services, such as email, blogging sites, etc., are changed, we just rage in silence. Sadly, I don’t know how to go about organizing an effective strike or boycott.

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  4. It seems like a good number of “fixes” are more trouble than they’re worth. Not only do they “fix that which was never broke”, but then breaks what worked fine before.

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