Publishers are just Jealous of my Skills.

I’m thinking about having another go at self-publishing. All the publishers I have submitted to just can’t seem to bring themselves to accept my genius . . . . I’m pretty sure they are all jealous of my skills . . . 

No, I really don’t think that. 

My stories are an odd humor. And although they may be entertaining to some (a very few some), I know there are some rough spots to the writing. I don’t see a publisher wanting to take a chance on my stories, so I may have another go at self-publishing. 

I’ve published two different story collections in the past. I didn’t quite make the Best Sellers list, but I was happy that there were a few people, who weren’t my friends or family, who actually enjoyed the books. I carried a 4.5 star rating on Amazon out of about forty reviews, not to mention I made dozens of dollars.

I think I may pick some of my favorite stories (I have around 120 or so to choose from) and re-work them a bit. Then put them in a sort of greatest hits of sorts.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts for this moment. Has anyone out there done any self-publishing? Any success? 

11 thoughts on “Publishers are just Jealous of my Skills.

  1. I’ve thought about it as well, but I don’t know that there are as many opportunities for self-publishing for children’s fiction. But I think you should go of it! Your blog is good and is very entertaining to read. And that’s reason enough to self publish, in my opinion!

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    • Thanks Ann! I know from researching publishers and agents that there are plenty that specialize in children’s fiction. From what I’ve read, the vast majority of authors get published through an agent. Some publishers won’t even consider your writing without an agent.

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      • Yes, it used to be that lots of publishers looked at unsolicited manuscripts, but not any more. It’s good to know that self publishing works with kids books, too! Thanks!


  2. I’m going to self-publish my books. In fact, that is why my blog was created. I’m documenting my journey with trials and errors, and hopefully, success! What is your method for self publishing?

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    • I went through Createspace previously. It’s set up well and doesn’t cost much at all. It is what I will use this time around as well. Publicity is where you can really spend money.


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