Jesus Loves Me or Highway to Hell.

It’s inevitable. The song that your daughter will sing infront of her preschool class during show and tell will not be “Jesus Loves Me” or Barney’s “I Love You” which she has heard no less than a thousand times.

The song your daughter will choose for her impromptu solo will be “Highway to Hell”, which she had only heard for the seven seconds it took you to vault over the mounds of boxes in the garage to reach the blaring radio and switch the station so that she wouldn’t end up singing “Highway to Hell” to her preschool class.

10 thoughts on “Jesus Loves Me or Highway to Hell.

  1. We had a similar experience when our daughter was three, only with the dreaded “F” word. She heard it on the TV, walking into the room just when some character in the movie my husband was watching said it. He rushed to turn it off, and she seemed not to even notice, so we thought all was well. Until the next morning, when we were driving her to preschool, and she pointed out that our “F**king windshield wipers” weren’t working very well.

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  2. Too funny haha
    Actually this reminds me of a joke I heard recently:

    The fact that there is a Highway to Hell and only a Stairway to Heaven, says a lot about expected traffic numbers.

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