Spammers are pretty dumb.

I constantly get emails and comments from different websites and services that professs to be seeking blogs that have the following and influence that the Single Family Asylum commands.

I used to get excited about such correspondence, that is until I actually started reading them a little more attentively.

Some would say, “I can tell that your blog has a lot of good information that would be useful to parents and families.”

Really? I write about vomit and poop. I write about my inability to control my children. I write about my wife throwing a coffee mug at my head. 

You spammers are dumb. You would be a lot more effective if you actually read a post or two.

I guess spammers don’t bother me all that much. It’s not hard to delete emails and comments. The problem, however, is that if and when I actually get contacted by a legitimate organization, the chances that I recognize and respond are very small. 

Maybe I’ve already deleted that one offer that would have rocketed my blog to global blog dominance. 

7 thoughts on “Spammers are pretty dumb.

  1. Spammers are incredibly stupid. I get email offers all the time by people wanting to increase the size of my penis. I don’t have one, duh. I get comments telling me what a great articles I write on my photography website, when all I do is post pictures with almost zero text. The list goes on. Drives me crazy because I get too many of them.

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  2. I hate spammers, I was helping a girl with her blog, and I noticed that she had not responded to any of the comments. They began piling up, so in an effort to help her, I spent 2 hours responding. The next day, I saw her and explained what happened, excited about all of her comments… she then explained that they were spam and I had wasted 2 hours, ugh I was so mad.

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