The Overtime Season

It is now officially the overtime season in the world of tree trimmers. You may have noticed a slowing down in my posting. As a middle aged tree trimmer, it is hard to stay awake for very long after plunking my butt down on the couch after a long day of climbing trees. I sometimes wake up the next morning still sitting in the same spot where I sat down after returning home from work the night before. Sometimes, I even have the partially chewed remnants of the previous night’s dinner still in my mouth.

But rest assured, I am thinking about all of you out there in the blogosphere constantly. I even dream about you all. . . . . . We’ll ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but never the less, I do miss having the time and energy to post my nonsense for the world to read. 

I will squeeze out a post whenever I can!

7 thoughts on “The Overtime Season

  1. “Plunking my butt” love it! and what’s more, I’m going to shamelessly steal it if ever the opportunity arises – with your kind permission of course. But then it won’t be stealing *frowns

    Make hay while the sun shines – we’ll still be here when you’re able to squeeze πŸ™‚

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  2. I totally get that. For me it’s hit and miss most of the time with the blogs that I get to read. But I wasn’t exaggerating. There are 2 that I read every day, and yours is one of them. I usually read a lot more than two, but no matter what, I definitely read yours. Which ought to make you feel pressured enough to read mine. haha

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