I have the blahs.

I have the blahs today. 

I’m not all that happy . . . . . But I’m not really all that sad either. 

I’m not motivated. 

I’m not excited. 

If I were a scientist, today would not be the day that I found the cure for cancer. 

If I were an artist, today would not be the day to paint the Mona Lisa. 

I’m not 🙂  or 😦  I’m :I 
I’m not sure how I ended up in such a blah condition. Perhaps it’s the greyness of the sky. Maybe it started when my shoelace broke. Maybe the dog didn’t wag her tail and seem happy enough this morning. 

Maybe I have a blah virus.

I tried to remedy my blahness by trying to tickle myself under my arm, but it doesn’t have quite the same effect as someone else tickling under my arm.

I thought that maybe if I set my hair on fire I would feel less blah, but I really don’t have that much hair left to spare.

So I here I sit, feeling blah and writing a blah post. Hopefully none of you catch my blahness. Hopefully I haven’t started a blah pandemic. 

15 thoughts on “I have the blahs.

  1. Stick out your tongue and say, “Blah.” Hmmmm…. my advice to you is to jump up and down on one foot. and shake your head. No, that’s for when you get water in your ear. Er…perhaps I should mention I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on tv. But, for me, I find sometimes humor helps to chase away the blahs. Good luck. :o)

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