Actual project time estimation formula.

After decades of starting innumerable house and yard projects, I have (with the use of experience and advanced mathematics) come up with a way to accurately determine how long a project will actually take.

Here are the steps to the formula. 

1. Come up with an initial time estimate for the project you are considering. So if you are going repair and paint the walls, trim and ceiling in your living room, you might make an initial estimate of three days to complete the task.

2. Double the initial estimate. Three days becomes six.

3. Convert time incremant up one level: minutes would convert up to hours, hours would convert up to days and so on. So our initial estimate of three days, which was then doubled to six days, is then converted from days up to weeks. Six days turns to six weeks.

So a painting project that is initially planned to take three days will actually end up taking six weeks.

9 thoughts on “Actual project time estimation formula.

    • It seems to even apply to mowing the lawn. It’s only supposed to take two hours to mow two acres. But the neighbors want to talk, beer happens, next thing you know, it’s a two day project.


  1. You have to factor in the unknown variables which is 12 hours for every 24 estimate. It might be better to just turn on the game and redo your calculations next month.

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