I’m really not worried about this Blog.

I checked my blog stats and set my phone on the coffee table. I had started my blog for fun, and I am not all that worried about how many people read it.

I went back to watching Dancing with the Stars. Well, actually my wife was watching Dancing with the Stars, I just happened to be in the same room.

I check my blog stats again which is odd because I started my blog for fun, and I’m not all that worried about how many people read it. 

Nothing had changed in the two minutes since I had last checked my stats. I set the phone back on the coffee table.

My eyes were getting heavy and I was just about to fade into my Dancing with the Stars nap when my phone lit up with some sort of a notification. I couldn’t quite tell if it was a WordPress icon that was showing on the screen.

Instinctively I started to reach for the phone to see what the notification was, but then I stopped and reminded myself that I had started my blog for fun and I’m NOT all that worried about how many people read it. I can check it later. I went back to watching Dancing with the Stars.

My mind drifted. I thought about my blog post from yesterday, a post that I was particularly proud of. Who in the world wouldn’t want to follow a blog that offered posts such as the one I had created yesterday? And besides, I had included some new strategic tag words that were sure to attract a whole new demographic of reader.

It occurred to me that I was fretting over my blog again. . . . A blog that I had started for fun and wasn’t all that worried about how many people read it.

“Stop it! Just stop it” I thought to myself.

“Stop what?” My wife asked. 

Apparently I had also said it out loud.

“Are you obsessing about that blog again?” My wife added.

“NO! I started that blog for fun and I’m not all that worried about who reads it.”

Just then, the commercial with Jake from State Farm came on the television. I waited with baited breath for him to say “kakis” so I could laugh for the hundredth time and my wife could roll her eyes about me still laughing at a commercial I had seen a hundred times.

Right on cue, Jake said “kakis” and I started giggling.

“She sounds hideous”

I laughed even harder as I reached for my phone . . . . . But then stopped mid-reach. I remembered that I wasn’t checking my stats because I had started my blog for fun and I wasn’t all that worried about how many people read it. 

I sat motionless . . . . My hand was partially outstretched towards the place where my phone sat on the coffee table. I hated the thought of obsessing over something, especially my blog which I had started for fun and wasn’t all that worried how many people read it.  

As I sat with my arm still partially outstretched, my phone lit up again. . . . Only this time, my slightly more-forward posture allowed me to see that indeed it was a WordPress notification.

My eyes widened.

That made one WordPress notification for sure, and the possibility existed that the first time my phone lit up might be another WordPress notification. I stared at my blog checker . . . I mean my phone. It smoldered with the prospect of blogging fame and fortune.

My hand moved ever so slightly closer to the coffee table. But then I stopped and reminded myself that I had started my blog for . . . . OH SCREW IT! I grabbed the phone. I had to know.

It might be a notification telling me that I have a new follower! Maybe two new followers! 

Maybe it was a blog award notification!! Who knows, it could be a notification telling me that Ellen Degeneres had mentioned my blog on her show and i was in the midst of a new follower tidal wave! 


Frantically, I unlocked my screen. The little red circle told me that I had one new WordPress notification (sigh, I was hoping for two or more). I opened the WordPress app to find that someone had liked my comment that I had made made in response to their comment.

“Sigh. . . ”

“People liking my comment is a good thing,” I told myself . . . . Of course having Ellen Degeneres mention my blog on her show or winning the Nobel prize is much better . . . . . 

Fortunately, I had started my blog for fun and was not all that worried about how many people read it. Otherwise, I might be constantly checking my blog stats and worrying about my blog.

64 thoughts on “I’m really not worried about this Blog.

  1. Gotta keep telling yourself. I, on the other hand, have annoyed the hell out of everyone at work, telling them all about my blog and my now 55 subs.
    I’m a shameless self-promoter. The more people who read my blog, the better this world will be πŸ˜›

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  2. This sounds painfully familiar! Stalking insects has lost some of it’s pleasure because of the nagging need to check my blog stats. I wake from a nap and immediately look at WordPress. And I, too, dream of being discovered by Ms. DeGeneres. She loves cats and dogs – how could she not want to fly me to California to be on her show and meet her family?!

    It’s good to know I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  3. Can I say…story of my life? I feel you. I started mine for the same reason. It started off doing amazing (200+ views a day). Now, I’m convinced the only people who read it are my family (more than likely out of fear that they’re in it). But I have to keep reminding myself that–it was just for fun. It’s just a way to get your voice out there.
    Still makes you crazy. Sigh…the need to fuel my selfish ego, however, still trumps sanity.

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  4. I used to check my weather app first thing in the morning. Now, it’s my WordPress notifications that get my first glance (as soon as I can peel my eyes open). I don’t think it’s an obsession. I’m pretty sure that most people who blog truly love to write, and whether it is used as a form of therapy or creative expression or social belonging, all of us daydream every now and then of being mentioned on Ellen, lol.


  5. My question is – Does it bother your wife? Does she hate your blog? My husband hates my blog. He says “you and your effin blog”. Such a sweetheart eh? My family says it takes away precious time that I could be spending with them. I agree actually. And that’s one good thing about being a stay-at-home slave…I mean mom – being able to squeeze in a post and some perusing when family is not home. Be well…you’re really funny btw πŸ˜‰

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    • Actually my wife doesn’t mind. I’m usually blogging in the living room where she is watching dancing with the stars. And I have no more interest in her tv choices than he has in watching me blog.

      As far as the blog itself, she is awesome, she can even laugh at the posts that make her seem unreasonable about something.

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  6. “Well, actually my wife was watching Dancing with the Stars, I just happened to be in the same room.”
    Remember, a good excuse is one you can use over and over again πŸ˜›

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  7. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be other people’s “Jake from State Farms”.
    You started your blog for you & while you may tell yourself you don’t care how many people enjoy it, read it and follow it – that’s the purpose as a writer. Your purpose is to share your ideas, thoughts & craziness with an audience.
    (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting a little joy in knowing that you are getting a notification as soon as I hit, ‘post comment’)
    Cheers, Friend.

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  8. That’s what humans are. They want to improve and that’s normal. You obviously want something for fun to become something incredible and fun. The more you want it, the more you want something more out of your blog. Maybe incredible, fun, and makes money too lol

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  9. Lol so your telling me I’m not alone?
    The other day the Chief turned his disapproving gaze on me and said “Your life is not on a blog.”

    I only then realized that I had dropped a wet towel on him, left the naked baby to do his nakey dance all over the bedroom and was lying across his stomach, reaching for my phone because the WordPress sound went off.

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  10. Very funny. I don’t think you’re alone in your actions, reasoning or justifications. And the State Farm commercial is one of my all time favorites. Always make me smile…like your blog.

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  11. You just described my life. Thank You. And I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Ellen or Oprah comes across your blog and has you on TV. Then when you’re on their show you can mention the State Farm commercial which will probably lead to you becoming a spokesperson for them.

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  12. Wow! I would LOVE your problem. I don’t have very many readers yet, and NO commentors *sigh
    Part of the fun is having people read what you write and follow you and getting pings for notifications. Without all those, you might as well just be writing in a paper journal.
    I love reading your blog – keep it up πŸ™‚

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  13. Yeah…I keep repeating the same mantra. And then I check my blog stats.

    There should be a stats thing on WordPress that keeps track of how many times we check our own stats. I bet the results would be entertaining…

    Great post!

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