A Helpful laundry tip for husbands.

When a man gets married, many things change. Gone are the days when your entire week of laundry can be dumped into a single load and washed with shampoo because you forgot to buy detergent.

So when you are being instructed by your wife on the way that laundry will be done from this day forward, she will probably say that the each load must be sorted according to color.  This means the color of the clothes . . . . Not the stains on the clothes . . . Which makes a lot more sense. It was taking me several months to get enough items to make a full mustard or grape jelly stain load. Most clothes ended up in the grass stain or invisible stain load (the invisible stain pile was made up of clothing that had no discernible stain but smelled bad. . . . It was next to the pile of clothes that had no visible staining and didn’t smell all that badly so I could just fold them an slip them in with the clean clothes),

14 thoughts on “A Helpful laundry tip for husbands.

  1. The post divorce joy of laundry is leave the load in the dryer, tumble it before you need it to make it look presentable and then finally fold it when it is time to use the dryer again.

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  2. Never washed clothes with shampoo but I have run the dishwasher with soap meant for hand washing dishes. I do not recommend it unless you’re short of a bubble machine for a birthday party.

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    • I’ve tried that more than once. Each time thinking that reducing the hand liquid amount would make it not spew like a bubble volcano.

      Conclusion: there is no amount of liquid hand washing soap that is small enough to not cause a bubble volcano.

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      • In my case, it was actually my wife’s idea so I didn’t get in trouble for it. I wanna know why that same small amount doesn’t produce 1/5 of the bubbles in the sink.

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  3. My family relies on the “Magic Hamper”. Dirty clothes in, clean ones out. I’m about to send nasti-grams out due to lack of consideration, but this is one chore I actually don’t mind doing. Toilets? Bleh. They are all my husband’s!

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  4. I subscribe to the male philosophy when it comes to laundry. Life is too short to sort colors. I do laundry according to which child it belongs to. Everything I pick up off the bathroom floor belonging to one child goes in the wash together regardless of color, stains, etc. They get it back the same way it goes in, wrinkled and inside out. If they don’t like it, they can do their own laundry…so far two of them have decided to take over their own laundry duties. WOOT!

    I too, have been a victim of liquid dish soap in the dishwasher, thanks to my daughter. Being a silver-lining kind of girl, I got a free floor washing out of that mishap. For future reference, the soap bubbles are easily deflated by a little bit of veggie oil in the dishwasher.

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