Please take my survey if you wouldn’t mind.

While frolicking through fields of “blogs I follow” I happened upon a blogger conducting a survey. It seemed to attract a lot of people who were willing to participate. A short while later, I happened upon a morsel of blogging advice somewhere within the bowels of WordPress that suggested conducting surveys is a wonderful way to attract readers to your blog.

So, I hereby announce the first installment of The Single Family Asylum survey post. It would be wonderful if you all could take a few minutes and answer the questions.


Here we go.

Question 1:  What color socks am I wearing right now . . . . 

My wife, who is obnoxiously leaning over my shoulder reading as I type, claims that this isn’t a good survey question. I was hoping to trick you all with the fact that I am wearing one white and one grey sock, but I suppose she has a point in that you all can’t actually see my socks . . . So we will just move on.

Question 2:  Do any of you have one of those cats that has extra thumbs? When I worked for a landscaper back years ago, he had one of those cats that had extra thumbs (I think he had six on one paw and seven digits on the other). My co-worker and myself nicknamed “Thumbs” and we became quite fond of him . . . . until the day that my co-worker accidentally ran him over with- . . . .

My wife is again informing me that this is not a good survey question and that I am turning it into more of a reminiscing than a question . . . . Whatever, miss survey expert. Let’s move on. 

Question 3:  If, hypothetically, a person asked another person to “please fix the vacuum cleaner belt so that I can vacuum” and then the hypothetical person who was replacing the belt cut his finger on a piece of glass that was stuck in the vacuum belt housing space and then got angry and cursed in front of the children and then threw the vacuum, broken belt and all, out with the trash and wasn’t able to calm down in time to retrieve it before the garbage truck came and took it away forever . . . . . . Would you think it was completely the fault of the person who was changing the belt and got cut? Or the fault of the vacuum? This is a completely random and hypothetical question, but before you answer, keep I’m mind that the person fixing the belt was inured in the process and tired from being at work all day and probably couldn’t help losing his temper.

Question 4:  What is the greatest band ever? 

I will give you a hint:  feminine color/name of barber on The Andy Griffeth Show.

Umm, ok, I guess that will do for my first survey. Please post your answers in the comment section provided below. 

Thank you for participating!

37 thoughts on “Please take my survey if you wouldn’t mind.

  1. 1. Trick question. You’re barefoot!
    2. No. My neighbour once had a dog with 3 legs though.
    3. The vacuums fault. That’s basically attempted murder.
    4. Someone answered Pink Floyd already which seems to be right.

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  2. I realize the sock question has been answered, but if I may offer just a little tip, as I am a Domestic Goddess…if you and everyone else in the house wear black socks, you don’t have to wash the floor as often. You’re welcome.

    I did have a friend who had a cat with extra toes and it was psychotic. Seriously, scared the beejeezus outta me!

    Vacuum’s fault, totally!

    I concur on Pink Floyd being the best band ever.

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  3. 1. Does it matter? Aren’t all socks just socks? Why must we see their color? #socksmatter
    2. My cat’s appendages are none of my business.
    3. It is the fault of the glass, and the timeliness of the garbage collectors.
    4. You can believe Floyd, but the Rush is the greatest band of all time. Yeah, try of all time!

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  4. 1. As a man, your socks are black. Even if they used to be white, they have hung out in work boots all day & most likely have been around for years, as if they have formed an emotional attachment. So they are now black.
    2. My cats have the appropriate number of toes. If they had thumbs, they would be monkeys.
    3. The vacuum is at fault for harboring glass. However the asker of the favor is also at fault. She (assuming it was a she) should have known better than to have kids around during the repair of any machinery. Repair work almost ALWAYS ends in swearing.
    4. The answer you are seeking is Pink Floyd however I am not high so I need to answer Sevendust.

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  5. 1. Did the grey sock used to be white and just got caught in the wrong wash? Or did the tumble drier vapourize its other half?
    2. I have 3 cats which means there are squillions of cat toes in my house.
    3. The person who bought a hoover with a belt in the first place. (Get a Miele, they are the rolls royce of hoovers and will last you a good 12 years)
    4. Pink Floyd??? They are good but Marillion were better!

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    • I’m not sure the original colors of the socks.

      Squilliions! I like that and may have to add that to my vocabulary.

      I prefer a lead blower and a nope door.

      I have heard of marrillion and I will check them out.

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  6. 1. I was wondering if you would be wearing matching socks, I know your wife is waayy too busy to be matching socks and while I don’t know you, I would assume as the patriarch of the family you would rather be doing your tree trimming gig than match socks. As far as color, I’d say grey. Or white. Maybe black. But not yellow. Or green. Oh, what the hay, by now you’ve probably got your daughter’s socks on just to mess with us.
    2. I’d check the cat, but he’s still hiding under the couch because of that thunderstorm that happened like 6 hours ago.
    3. I’d blame the carpet, cuz if you had hardwood floors, you wouldn’t need the vacuum.
    4. If it wasn’t played on WJR. Or in church, I wouldn’t know. Dude, I’m so far behind the times, I’ve never even seen MTV. Is that even around any more?

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  7. 1. The socks thing is just confusing at this point. I have no clue. Lol
    2. My cat, strange as he may be, has the correct number of toes! πŸ™‚
    3. It’s the piece of glass’ fault for being the aggressor, obviously.
    4. I believe its unfair to narrow it to one greatest of all time. There should be a grouping, but Pink Floyd would definately be in that grouping!

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  8. 1. Depends on the time Zone obviously. It’s evening here, so it could be anytime where you live (since I don’t know where you live, nor how to figure out the time zone thing even if I did no where you live( so it could be still asleep in bed time (hopefully you don’t wear socks there), morning showertime – maybe flippers. I like the trickiness of your question though
    2. I do not have a cat with extra thumbs, but one of them is called Limpet – which could imply the ability to cling on for dear like in an extra-thumbs-kind of way. No, ok! Does a wombat with no ears count?
    3. I blame the need to live in a house. If you lived in tent you wouldn’t want a vacuum because it would suck up canvas floor. Buy a broom, they almost never break down.
    4. You’re all wrong – the greatest band ever is the elastic hairband – duh πŸ™‚

    P.S really enjoyed this post.

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      • Thanks. I admit the wombat was when I was in my teens (which is soooome time ago now) – but hey, what can I say I’m an attention grabber. It fell asleep in front of the fire, and as it slept it burnt it’s ears to little nubs – strange part is it never seemed to mind or notice.


  9. I like your survey style, completely random, and requires a bit of thought!
    1. Hopefully you have changed those socks now and are wearing matching ones…blue?
    2. I haven’t got a cat. I have a cute little dog who has normal paws. Well they are a bit hairy though.
    3. It is the stupid vacuum’s fault, and it deserved all it got! They are getting far too above themselves!
    4. Pink Floyd? I don’t agree it is the best band ever, although Mr Grump loves them, especially when he has had more than a few pints!

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  10. My survey answers go in the section that you unintentionally forgot “other comments.” This is not only a great blog, but it truly inspired great responses. Except from me. This wins my clicked-like a ton of times personal contest.

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