20 thoughts on “How to make a Dad mad #39

  1. Oh, a couple Of years ago, I had been praising Lil Man about his speedy breakfast eating… Then I moved the sofa to Vacuum and found where the speedily eaten breakfast had actually gone… Not in said Lil Man’s tummy, that’s for sure!!!

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  2. Parenting sucks sometimes.
    I recently found a rotten apple under my car seat…when I was looking for a quarter. I stuck my finger in it. Wonderful memory that will stick with me for a while.
    Endless supply of fruit flies? I can also relate…& I reiterate :
    Parenting sucks sometimes.

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  3. The night before the first day of school when my son was, I don’t know, maybe 11, I told him to get his bookbag out of the closet so I could pack his school supplies, lunch or whatever. When I opened it a banana was in there from his last day of school in June. I threw out the bookbag.

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      • This has definitely given me a blog idea. But I won’t be blogging for a couple of days. Real life is interfering. I hate that. While on the subject of hating things, I tried to get the mobile app on my iPhone and it was like hours of torture. And I didn’t succeed. All I succeeded in doing was being unable to log onto my account and had to change passwords, etc. Do you use this? I remember reading it and I think it was on your blog. Is it worth pursuing? Of course, I had the kids at the time.

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