Flattapuss Blog Picks.

I recently was nominated for my third, yes third Daydreamer Award. This nomination comes from Baffled Baboon, to whom I am grateful.


I’d like to say that three nominations for the Daydreamer Award is due to my wonderfully witty and thought-provoking posts, but I fear it may be due to the obviousness of my being an airhead. Either way, it is an honor.

However, being the third nomination for this award, plus some nominations for a few other awards last month makes for a lot of award posts. They each seem to require that I nominate other blogs in the award acceptance process. So I have decided that I will start posting weekly about a blog or blogger that has caught my eye, rather than blast you with a half dozen or so all on a single award nomination post.

I don’t have a ton of time for blog surfing. But when I do have time, I end up running into a blog that catches my eye, or through comments and such have become blogging comrades with the blogger. These are the blogs that will end up getting posted about on what I am calling “Flattapuss Blog Picks” (Flattapuss is the nickname my daughter gave to our Persian cat Cee Cee who just seems to look wise . . . . and slightly ridiculous).

So this week, the Flattapuss picks are . . . . . . .


 Properly Ridiculous, a light-hearted blog that has more than once forced a smile upon my face, plus I am a sucker for well placed GIF’s (I think that is what you call those little moving pictures).

And also Encouraging Life, Raymond has been very helpful from time to time when the blogging process has me ready to dowse my computer with gas and light it. And I like his posts about his pet turtles . . . . I like turtles.

I never knew how much pressure having 100 followers would cause me.

Well I am thrilled to have gone over the hundred follower mark! This is truly awesome. Many thanks to Reallifemarti from Inventing Real Live and Ritu from But I Smile Anyway for reblogging my shameless plea for follower number 100.

My one hundredth follower was Elle Superstar from Full Circle. Thank you Elle! and to all those who also helped me blow right past the 100 mark.

But beyond being awesome, I’m now having to consider how this could affect my personal life.

I’ve already decided that I should probably start wearing sunglasses more often to avoid any embarrassing situations stemming from being recognized as a famous blogger in public. I hope the crowds don’t get too out of hand when I’m spotted, or worse yet, violent!

I’ve also been practicing my autograph so that when the inevitable day comes that someone wants it, I can give them a snazzy “autography” looking autograph instead of my plain old signature.

I even have to consider things like how I set my garbage out. You never know when some famous blogger stalker might pick through it to get a Kleenex or Pop Tart wrapper from a famous blogger.

I never really considered the ramifications of having over 100 followers until it happened, but I feel that with a few lifestyle changes, I will be able to adjust. So thank you all again . . . . and please, no pushing and shoving in the autograph line.

I got 99 followers, and I just need one.

99 followers . . . . Somebody . . . . Please. 

You could be the one who allows me to say that my followers “number in the hundreds”. 

Do it. Just hit follow. I’ll follow your blog in return. Even if it’s a blog dedicated collecting vintage sporks, or even a blog about Kleenex sculptures. 

I would even follow a blog dedicated to Justin Bieber . . . . That’s how desperate I am for 100 . . . . 

So just do it.

Little Punches on the Nose from Life.

You realize halfway through your bowl of cereal and cup of coffee that the dishwasher you had gotten the bowl and cup from hadn’t been run yet. 

 The remote is unfindable. 

 You discover only after you have laced and tied your work boot that there is something picky in your sock. 

 Right in the middle of a yelling session about members of the house cleaning up after themselves, your daughter smugly points to your dirty nachos plate that you left sitting on the coffee table from the night before. 

 After a five minute smell search, it is discovered that you, not the other people in the car, were the one who stepped in dog poop.

You go to a party at a friend’s house and discover too late that there is no toilet paper on the holder so you do that funny waddle all around the bathroom in search of a roll, but can’t find any and you are too embarrassed to yell, “will somebody get me a roll of toilet paper!” So you do the best you can with a bag of cotton balls that you found under the sink which takes much longer and is not nearly as effective as toilet paper.

Parenting Life Hack #74.

in this new age of tech, I often find myself parenting via text. This is fine for most parenting communication, but texts seem to lack the ability to convey passion when arguing with my children with this form of communication.

So now I keep this photo that my daughter took of me in the midst of a fatherly butt chewing in my phone’s gallery to send along with texts such as, “I SAID NO!!!!” or “YOU ARE GROUNDED!!” or “GET HOME NOW!!!”.

I Can’t Stop Eating!

I spent the vast majority of my life weighing less than 150 pounds. I never had to watch what I had to eat because I quite literally couldn’t gain weight.

Some time around my nearing the age of forty, something began to change. One day, I caught a side view of myself in the mirror and I thought for a moment that someone other than me had left their belly in the bathroom . . . . but no! After some poking and inspecting, I was able to determine that it was in fact MY belly, it was attached to me, and it was much bigger than what I remembered it being.

It used to be that when I went through a door, my whole body entered the room at the same time. Now when I enter a door, it is my belly that arrives first in the room. If I were to stop before my head and legs made it through the door, whoever might already be inside the room would end up wondering, “Whose belly is that hanging around by the door?”

Now this belly situation wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t spent my entire life eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted it. I could just stop eating so much and slim down a bit.

But I can’t stop eating.

Many is the time that I have said to myself, “I am going to start eating better and get rid of this belly. . . . . tomorrow, so pass me another plate of Chicken Alfredo.”

When I was young and skinny, I used to think that over-weight people just needed to stop eating so much. Problem solved. I now have to apologize to all over-weight people who were the target of such thoughts.

Touch that Bacon, Lose some Fingers.

Go ahead, present your case. Tell me why that last piece of bacon sitting on the grease soaked paper towel should be yours. Tell me how you managed to get mom and your sister to agree that you could have it. Try to bribe me for it. 

Lust all you want, but I worked for the money that bought it, I cooked it, and I’m bigger than you.

Fairness matters not when bacon is involved.

That last piece is mine.

I have been nominated for another major award!

Believe it or not, I was nominated for the The Daydreamer Award, or maybe more appropriately, the Airhead Award in my case.

Even more amazing was that I received two nominations from two different bloggers. This is Epic. So thank you bunches to both Pottsy over at Fear of the Reaper, and to Annieemmy from Under and Over, Around and Through.

The nomination involves nominating other blogs that I like, and also to complete a challenge from the nominators. So to get things rolling, I will address my challenges first.

Annieemmy challenged her nominations to describe their dream job:

Believe it or not, my dream job would be to write funny commercials. Some of the most humorous content I see on television comes in the form of commercials. I love the idea of telling a funny story in the short space of thirty seconds or a minute. The writing and visual must be perfect to convey your idea in such a short time frame.

Pottsy has challenged me to describe my perfect rainy day:

My perfect rainy day can vary greatly. As a forty something year old tree trimmer, many rainy days may consist of nothing more than relaxing on the couch with the TV on. Climbing trees just isn’t as easy as it was twenty years ago.

However, if I’m feeling motivated, I may go on a thrift store quest for treasures and new/used work clothes, or search out an Xbox game to keep me occupied.

For the blogs that I nominate:

I would nominate both of the bloggers who nominated me, but they are both already nominated. So here are some other blogs I haunt.

Inventing Real Life
The Off Key of Live
Guy vs Life
V and Me
But I Smile Anyway

I know I missed somebody, probably because I’m a Daydreamer.

For my challenge to the nominees, Describe in great detail how great I am . . . hahahaha, I couldn’t resist. But really, I challenge you to describe what interested you in, or inspired you to start a blog.

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