WordPress mobile app makes me want to bite my phone sometimes. 

Is it just me, or is the WordPress mobile app quirky and unruly? I mean I know that my level of tech savvy is slightly lower than that of a large pile of gravel (I could make a typewriter crash in high school typing class long before computers took over the role of my victim), but my level of frustration with this app seems even higher than my normal level of angst.

The mobile app constantly refuses to obey my spacing commands while drafting a post. Sometimes the draft doesn’t even match the published post, making me think I’ve become delusional, or more delusional than normal.

Sometimes when I hit the little “follow” under a bloggers name, it turns to “following” for one second, and then returns to “follow” . . . . I played this game for ten minutes one time before deciding that it just wasn’t in WordPress’s will for me to follow the particular blog.

The typing of posts seems more glitchy than typing texts or any other typing I do in other apps . . . Or maybe my frustration with the WordPress app causes my thumbs to swell?

And as far as WordPress in general, I originally couldn’t figure out how I could end up with more likes than views on a post. I was then told that when posts are read in the Reader, they do not show up on a hit counter . . . . So what in the actual $?@! is a hit counter for? It’s more like a “some of your hits” counter. I don’t have what I would call a mass following, so I value seeing all those views lost to Reader. Is this some way to cheat people who have ads enabled out of money?

And while I’m in rant mode, why doesn’t WordPress send me a free Tshirt that says, “Born to Blog”, or a coffee mug? Why don’t they file my taxes and scoop up the dog poop in my yard? 


. . . . Ok, maybe I’m getting a little carried away. That’s why I tend to avoid ranting posts.

39 thoughts on “WordPress mobile app makes me want to bite my phone sometimes. 

  1. I’m only new to this blogging, I’m just doing it to improve writing skills and maybe gain confidence at the same time so any advice would be great if you don’t mind me asking 🙂

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    • Well, I’m only two months into blogging, so I’m still learning myself.

      But the best way to get followers is to like and follow other blogs, which is what you are doing right now. Also, some of the bigger bloggers like “opinionated man” have “meet and greet” posts on their blogs. You can introduce yourself on those.

      Other than that, I’m still kind of learning myself!

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  2. I wish they would let us use google analytics instead of their crappy stats counter without paying something like 200 or 300 bucks a year?! I also hate how it never tells me what the search terms were that brought people to my blog through browsers…what’s the point of it even being there then?

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  3. WordPress app got a 1.5/5 stars from me. The only good about it is The Readers. I also prefer to give likes from my phone.

    Now let’s get down to business. You are right those are bugs encountered within many apps not only WordPress but WordPress bugs is making the app somehow useless and just for a decoration app. One of the main purpose people come to WordPress is to write. What happen if you don’t have a descent app especially in writing? People will not write in terms of frustrations.
    For following button if you have pressed following button wait until the text turned orange then you are good to go. No matter if you leave WordPress app or press back button, the text will turn back into gray text. It’s just one of the bugs.
    I would recommend you to follow or make the people outside of wordpress.com readers to follow you. Interactions outside of WordPress is much more beneficial for your future.

    What is WordPress useful for then?
    Sophisticated web layout at PC to boost your performance, comments and likes makes your blog alive or seems alive, easy in choosing theme layout as you have to work very hard on this outside of wordpress, notifications.


  4. Hey, I thought we were talking about the pain of the mobile app? Hah! I can’t even access my account through the WordPress App. on my phone. I have to backdoor it through Facebook or Twitter since I have the double security feature and it won’t let me enter my code on the App. but it did when I logged on accessing from another site. Also, I believe you can use the google analytics when you optimize your SEO with them and link your account. I’m almost positive it gave me that option if I chose to use it, but I haven’t signed back in since.

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  5. WordPress has too many software developers who need to justify their jobs. That’s why all the phone apps have bugs. They keep changing the format settings as well on the web interface. This is so unnecessary ! You have to be more tech savvy to use their free interface now a days.

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  6. Yes the app is definitely glitchy but I only use it to bare bones a post and work on it later because otherwise I will loose the thought by the end of the day. And the stats are iffy, some days accurate , some days not. The app is most useful for the reader.

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  7. The WordPress app has to be the worse app out there, 75% I try to comment and it ‘s fails to publish. The reader is all jacked up, the constant frustration between following and not following turning on and off, everything about it SUCKS balls.

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      • I think we all get into ranting lunatic mode. At least you have the ability to dial it back. I’m the opposite. I try starting funny and end up going on and on about everything that’s bothered me the last few days.

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