The Danger of Pancakes.

I love pancakes. My kids love pancakes. Sometimes I make them shaped like animals because my girls think it’s the greatest thing in the world. Sometimes I make pancakes for dinner.

The only problem with pancakes is the fact that pancakes involve maple syrup. And maple syrup involves stickiness.

Even as an adult, I cannot seem to manage to get through a pancake meal with out being plagued by stickiness. I try hard to contain the syrup and its stickiness properties to the end of my fork, but without fail, it will work its way up to my fingers. From my fingers, it will then travel to forearms, face, shirt, the table top, and even the dogs head.

My young girls fare even worse. By the time they have finished their animal shaped pancakes, their sticky hands and faces have collected pancake crumbs, lint, dog and cat hair, small pieces of napkin, and whatever else happens to be a floating around. They end up looking like a mop just before you rinse all the crud off of it. And heaven forbid the syrup gets stuck in their hair. 

If one is not careful, the stickiness can spread from my daughters to the table, chairs, pets, door knobs, toys, and nearly every other surface in the entire house. 

I’ve often thought that a man could get rich if he invented syrup that wasn’t sticky. But until someone does, a next best remedy might be to make young children eat pancakes naked in the bathtub. That way as soon as they are finished, you can just turn on the shower and wash all the stickiness away.

9 thoughts on “The Danger of Pancakes.

  1. I make less of a mess eating ribs slathered in sauce than I do eating anything with syrup. Now that I think about it, I should probably keep wet naps around the breakfast table.

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  2. I like your solution at the end! 😀 Or you can always try making Dutch pancakes – they are usually thinner and you eat it with sugar instead of syrup or eat it with fruit sprinkles (otherwise known as vrughtenhagel) or chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag). Hmmm,,. I feel like some pancakes now!

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  3. I am not a pancake fan at all. I don’t know if it is because this is the second post I’ve had on my feed today about pancakes or just the pregnancy talking but I could really go for a stack of ’em right now…gah why do I have to be out of flour, today of all days?! 😉

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