There is no room in this world for people who can’t handle change . . . and I’m one.

At least once a month, if not more, I bring up my email on the computer, or open some app on my phone only to find that the creators of said email or app have deemed it in my best interest to completely re-arrange the layout and change how you perform different functions. Google, Windows, Itunes, Facebook, even WordPress . . . . . all guilty.

I suppose for the very forward thinking tech lovers, this might be akin to opening a present at Christmas. Or maybe it has the feel of rearranging the living room furniture into a new and exciting configuration.

But to me, a computer and smart phone dullard, this is no different than taking me in my sleep, transporting me to an unfamiliar house in a small town in Albania, and having people whose language I can’t speak act as if they are my wife and kids when I wake up. No different.

It is rare that I that I have even mastered the previous versions of apps and emails before they decide to change them.

Not too long ago, it was Gmail that decided I had become way too accustomed to how it operates. I woke up one morning, and all my emails had been sorted into categories like “important” or “work” and then the plain old “in box”. Once again, I found myself in the Gmail version of Albania.

Worse yet, I could not for the life of me figure out how Google determined which emails went to which folder. In all honesty I felt violated. Not just violated, but embarrassed as well, because shortly after the new sorting of my emails began, the ones with the subject “Penis Enlargement” began to appear in my “important” box.


Could Google see me getting into the shower through my phone? Had my wife secretly been communicating with Google concerning this issue?

The older I get, the harder these little email and app adjustments become. The only thing worse, is getting a new phone or TV or something like that. A new phone or a new “smart TV” causes me great anxiety and can take me months to learn.

Luckily, I have two daughters who grew up in this digital age. They seem to know how to work all these apps, programs, phones, TV’s and every other manner of gadget. It’s as if they were born with the instinct I just use my daughters like little voice operated remotes until I am able to learn the technology myself.

“Make the TV record all the Simpsons” or “find out when Axe Men is on.”


I will see you all on Monday, I’m taking a weekend off from blogging 🙂

19 thoughts on “There is no room in this world for people who can’t handle change . . . and I’m one.

  1. New version of gmail is also killing me as a tech lover. I prefer using native email from your mobile phone provider. I have tried Samsung’s and Oppo’s and they both are cooler and more friendly than new version of gmail.

    Have a good weekend.

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  2. I’m pretty computer literate and I absolutely hate when updates change everything. I’ve stopped using app, programs, even whole operating systems because they’ve been changed too much for me to be comfortable. I may understand how the new way works but I’m a creature of habit and am not good with change.

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  3. I don’t even like it when the supermarket rearranges itself. Please don’t make me walk all over the store to find where you’ve hidden the pie filling. I shouldn’t even be eating pie. Of course, with all the exercise I get looking for it, maybe it will be okay this time. Besides, I walked down an aisle I never visit and, oh, look-Twinkies!

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  4. I agree with you. My husband is not tech savvy at all. So, I’ve been putting off updating my husbands iPad to the 8.2 version. Unfortunately, I took the plunge and upgraded the other day. Now his Safari on his iPad is so messed up with all its changes, he’s constantly having to ask me how to use Safari.

    In my opinion, updates for Apps are just a way for programmers to justify their jobs.

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  5. Wait till your kids get older. My son got a shirt that said “No, I don’t know what is wrong with your computer.” This is from a kid in his junior year at a university with a major in applied computing.

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  6. I can’t comment on what Gmail knows about how important penis enlargement might be to you, but I’ve been wondering who decides I need those emails at all. I’m female. I mean, never mind that I’m not interested, wouldn’t that fact present a certain, um, problem if I were interested?

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  7. lol, Facebook doing that mess is my pet peeve, I never notice if any other social network or web host does that but when it does happen on Facebook it is irritating. Quite frankly though I wish that would figure out which junk I never read and put them in the junk pile for the emails. That would help.

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  8. Hope you’re enjoying your wkend 🙂

    The constant updated & changes get me too. I start to get the hang of it all and BAMM another update. If I’m lucky the update in question doesn’t have some inherit bug that screws with everything.

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