I got 99 followers, and I just need one.

99 followers . . . . Somebody . . . . Please. 

You could be the one who allows me to say that my followers “number in the hundreds”. 

Do it. Just hit follow. I’ll follow your blog in return. Even if it’s a blog dedicated collecting vintage sporks, or even a blog about Kleenex sculptures. 

I would even follow a blog dedicated to Justin Bieber . . . . That’s how desperate I am for 100 . . . . 

So just do it.

54 thoughts on “I got 99 followers, and I just need one.

      • After posting my achievement yesterday I got 30+ more followers. I guess mentioning about follower numbers is like opening a party on your blog and everybody just come in lol.
        I got this advice from other big blogs too.

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      • It seems that it is your best method to gain followers then you should do it again later. I am also planning to brag about my achievements / milestone when hitting 1000 followers. We have a different way but the same goals šŸ™‚ It’s not a pity thing if you bragging to followers or asking for followers. It’s better to let your followers know rather than not because I haven’t seen any reason why not and that’s the purpose of creating your own blog and it’s fun! Maybe I could also follow your inspiration too by asking for followers lol.


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