Little Punches on the Nose from Life.

You realize halfway through your bowl of cereal and cup of coffee that the dishwasher you had gotten the bowl and cup from hadn’t been run yet. 

 The remote is unfindable. 

 You discover only after you have laced and tied your work boot that there is something picky in your sock. 

 Right in the middle of a yelling session about members of the house cleaning up after themselves, your daughter smugly points to your dirty nachos plate that you left sitting on the coffee table from the night before. 

 After a five minute smell search, it is discovered that you, not the other people in the car, were the one who stepped in dog poop.

You go to a party at a friend’s house and discover too late that there is no toilet paper on the holder so you do that funny waddle all around the bathroom in search of a roll, but can’t find any and you are too embarrassed to yell, “will somebody get me a roll of toilet paper!” So you do the best you can with a bag of cotton balls that you found under the sink which takes much longer and is not nearly as effective as toilet paper.

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