I Can’t Stop Eating!

I spent the vast majority of my life weighing less than 150 pounds. I never had to watch what I had to eat because I quite literally couldn’t gain weight.

Some time around my nearing the age of forty, something began to change. One day, I caught a side view of myself in the mirror and I thought for a moment that someone other than me had left their belly in the bathroom . . . . but no! After some poking and inspecting, I was able to determine that it was in fact MY belly, it was attached to me, and it was much bigger than what I remembered it being.

It used to be that when I went through a door, my whole body entered the room at the same time. Now when I enter a door, it is my belly that arrives first in the room. If I were to stop before my head and legs made it through the door, whoever might already be inside the room would end up wondering, “Whose belly is that hanging around by the door?”

Now this belly situation wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t spent my entire life eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted it. I could just stop eating so much and slim down a bit.

But I can’t stop eating.

Many is the time that I have said to myself, “I am going to start eating better and get rid of this belly. . . . . tomorrow, so pass me another plate of Chicken Alfredo.”

When I was young and skinny, I used to think that over-weight people just needed to stop eating so much. Problem solved. I now have to apologize to all over-weight people who were the target of such thoughts.

13 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Eating!

  1. I do mix myself with any food but mostly 65% healthy 35% normal. For me you can enjoy your life but also limit yourself. There is nothing good in everything too much in every aspects of your life. Being skinny, muscular or fat all doesn’t guarantee you to live the longest. As simple as too much sleeping, too much playing, too much workout, too much soda, too much ……

    For me live your life in balance. That’s my principal.

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    • Edward Norton? Lol! That’s a new one . . . . There must be a way to
      capitalize on that.

      I looked up the word sublimating and the definition left me as confused as I was before I looked it up. Hopefully it’s not a fatal medical condition!


      • Sublimation is when you psychologically substitute one thing for another in your mind and action, usually substituting a socially acceptable thing for something more naughty. Like shredding your friends on the basketball court instead of beating your boss to death in the copy room with a stapler.

        Eating is a popular one because, hey, everybody’s doing it, it’s not like you’re gonna stand out as a freak (until the 450 pound mark, that is). But while the pleasure of a wonderful flavor or mouth texture or simply feeling full is often a quicker route to satisfaction than, say being worshiped as a god at the office, getting the kinky sex you want in the kitchen, or vanquishing your enemies with said stapler, it’s not indefinitely sustainable. Because 450 pounds.

        If you’re a multitasker, you could EAT your enemies but that’s a lot of hot sauce.

        Anyway, twenty points for looking up “sublimation.” You’re an autodidact and that’s cool.

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