I have been nominated for another major award!

Believe it or not, I was nominated for the The Daydreamer Award, or maybe more appropriately, the Airhead Award in my case.

Even more amazing was that I received two nominations from two different bloggers. This is Epic. So thank you bunches to both Pottsy over at Fear of the Reaper, and to Annieemmy from Under and Over, Around and Through.

The nomination involves nominating other blogs that I like, and also to complete a challenge from the nominators. So to get things rolling, I will address my challenges first.

Annieemmy challenged her nominations to describe their dream job:

Believe it or not, my dream job would be to write funny commercials. Some of the most humorous content I see on television comes in the form of commercials. I love the idea of telling a funny story in the short space of thirty seconds or a minute. The writing and visual must be perfect to convey your idea in such a short time frame.

Pottsy has challenged me to describe my perfect rainy day:

My perfect rainy day can vary greatly. As a forty something year old tree trimmer, many rainy days may consist of nothing more than relaxing on the couch with the TV on. Climbing trees just isn’t as easy as it was twenty years ago.

However, if I’m feeling motivated, I may go on a thrift store quest for treasures and new/used work clothes, or search out an Xbox game to keep me occupied.

For the blogs that I nominate:

I would nominate both of the bloggers who nominated me, but they are both already nominated. So here are some other blogs I haunt.

Inventing Real Life
The Off Key of Live
Guy vs Life
V and Me
But I Smile Anyway

I know I missed somebody, probably because I’m a Daydreamer.

For my challenge to the nominees, Describe in great detail how great I am . . . hahahaha, I couldn’t resist. But really, I challenge you to describe what interested you in, or inspired you to start a blog.

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12 thoughts on “I have been nominated for another major award!

  1. Humbled and very happy, being my first award nomination and such. Thanks very much, and please keep the good stuff coming on Single Family Asylum! Love it!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I am honored when people nominate me for these awards, but I always feel like I’m imposing to nominate others. I promise not to send the blog police if you don’t feel like going through the process for a second time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No no! I have already started my acceptance post! (Sounds like I’m accepting a Grammy or something, lol!!)
        I need to get to my PC to continue it but I will most definitely do it!!!
        If you think I’m worthy, I must show my appreciation!! 😁


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