A Parking Lot Drama.

Act One.

Scene One.

Husband inside the driver’s seat of car, wife standing outside the passengers door with hand on handle.

Wife: “Unlock it.”

Husband: “I did.”

Wife: “No you didn’t.”

Husband: “Yes I did, you lifted the handle when I hit the button.”

Husband hits unlock button.

Husband: “There.”

Wife: “It’s still locked.”

Husband: “You did it again.”

Wife: “No I didn’t.”

The end.

9 thoughts on “A Parking Lot Drama.

  1. Have been here, my friend. Condolences. Ours ended something like, “Take your FREAKING hand off the handle! Kids are watching and you’re making me swear like a Sailor in public!” Death threats, one of us tried to light the car on fire…The usual.

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  2. Next time you need to inject the words, “Step away from the vehicle and place your hands where I can see them.” If that doesn’t help…..well, then you’re on your own.

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