WordPress refuses to obey.

Why on earth will WordPress not let me double space between items on a list? When I construct my draft, I double space between each point on the list, but when I publish, the double spacing is gone. 

When I posted the poem I wrote last week, it was an absolute nightmare trying to get the lines to be spaced the way I wanted them. I would type a line and hit return, but every time I would publish, the lines would be run together. 

What is the secret? What is the password to the WordPress club? Let me in! Tell me the secret knowledge! I promise I won’t reveal the technology to any unworthy bloggers . . . . Oh, poop, maybe I am the unworthy blogger.

14 thoughts on “WordPress refuses to obey.

  1. It could be html formats / tags problem. I used to put enter for new tab but enter is gone after I published it. I usually check the posts at the Text tab not Visual tab in case some errors might happen at PC.

    If you do posts from phone I think you need to add html format directly. I don’t know how to double space format but and between the words will make it bold.

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      • No worries let your PC do the job, use visual view to automatically edit your post and once you switch into text view html tags are there along with your posts. If you need to add manual html tag use text view sometimes. I am not that fluent in html too. But you can get the html tags from w3schools and also some tutorial from YouTube.

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  2. I too have struggle with the spacing issue!! If there is a secret club they left us out!! If you figure it out let me know!!

    So happy to have found your blog!! 🙂 I love it!


  3. Fighting the same dratted issue. Even when I go to into text view mode and try putting in the code for the spaces (discovered through my amazing powers of Google-fu), about half the time it reverts to the single spacing as soon as I click on visual view. I’ll be watching to see if someone has a real solution.

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    • It’s time to revolt! We’ll storm the steps of WordPress Headquarters and demand proper spacing!!!!!!

      Well, maybe not, but I just don’t understand why what I type doesn’t remain how I want it. I’m no programmer, but it just doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to make the draft and published post match!

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