Mean People Still Suck.

I just don’t understand people who have a mean nature. It always seemed to me that it takes more energy to be mean than it does to be nice. Yet, still I see meanness everywhere. I see it in people I know. I see it on the news. And I really see meanness all over the internet. In fact, mean people having internet is like picker bushes getting Miracle Grow.

I know that this is heading in the direction of one of those fluffy, naive posts that usually appear under a picture of adorable kittens with smiley faces inserted after each paragraph, but it happens to be the thought of the day so you are stuck with it.

To me, it just seems so much easier to be nice. It’s not only easier, but it has to be more fulfilling than being mean. Being nice doesn’t cost anything. Being nice is . . . . . Nice!

I’m not trying to say I never get angry. I can get extremely angry . . . . Especially at mean people. 

And I’m not saying I’m never mischievous. I love aggravating my wife and daughters for my own amusement, but this usually involves nothing more sinister than a well timed fart, or pretending like I’m going to cook one of my daughters guinea pigs for dinner.

But beyond that, I put forth a fair bit of effort to be a nice person . . . . and I’m very happy and content with being nice.

6 thoughts on “Mean People Still Suck.

  1. Hello! I checked out your blog from Austin’s Blog Pitch Party. Read through some of your posts and enjoyed what you wrote. Just wanted to let you know that! W:)ll certainly be checking out your other posts. You have a new follower! )


  2. Being mean, especially online, does take a lot of effort. I’m not specifically trying to be mean in my blog, but I cuss a lot and I have radical opinions that most people don’t share or agree with, so I’m often seen as mean (and/or bitter). My name-calling probably doesn’t help take away from that image either, but do you know effort it requires to come up with some of those names?
    Honestly, I try to turn my negative, bitter outlook on everything, into some kind of harsh comedy, I’m not really a mean person, I’m just venting.

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    • I think I used to be quite bitter. I always figured that my opinion was the most logical conclusion so everyone should think the same. But I grew weary of always viewing other people as morons. I began trying to find out why people had a different opinion than mine. What were there circumstances and perspective, and how would they come to conclusions so different than my own? I find now that trying to understand people helps get rid of the bitterness. I can often see why someone ends up with their opinion, even if it is the opposite of mine. I think this basic respect for differing opinions is the first step in finding a solution.

      But venting can be fun, I can’t say I never do it.

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