Let’s have coffee!

For some unknown reason, perhaps just boredom, I decided to scroll ahead in the calendar on my iPhone. After a few minutes of some serious scrolling, I was surprised to have made  it to the year 3000. 

This seemed amazing to me. There was no practical use in me having a calendar for the year 3000, but it was cool. Now I just had to know, how far does the iPhone calendar go into the future? So I began scrolling . . . . And scrolling. 

After about fifteen minutes of solid scrolling, a show about The Loch Ness Monster came on the Discovery channel and I lost interest in scrolling. But before I quit, I made an appointment for February 9th at 2:00 pm to have coffee with a friend . . . . In the year 13854. Anyone care to join me? I mean, if you don’t have anything else planned.

11 thoughts on “Let’s have coffee!

  1. LOL This whole time I think my husband is doing something important on his phone like online banking, meanwhile he’s prob just scrolling!!! LOL This is too funny. Sure, I like coffee. 🙂

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