More blogging frustrations from a middle-aged technophobe.

It is a glorious miracle that I can make any letters and numbers appear on the computer screen in the form of a post. I certainly couldn’t tell you how I manage to get them there.

Forget about posting those fancy links that appear as the words of my choosing instead of showing that long “http” type address thing. This capability is above my pay scale apparently.

I have managed to post a few pictures, but predicting their size and location within the post is like throwing Lawn Jarts at dog poop piles blind folded.

WordPress keeps inviting me to join a discussion group called “The Commons” but every time I try, nothing happens. Can they tell if I haven’t showered? Can they smell me through the computer screen?

And there is still a few dozen options in settings that I have no idea what they mean or what I should have them set on, even after I attempted to read the little explanations that are provided. My current method of dealing with these options is to turn it on if the name of the setting sounds like something good to eat, and leave it off if it sounds like a disease.

Luckily, my wife just happened to be pulling in the driveway as I was dragging the computer by the cord out to the place in my yard where I burn things that refuse to work properly for me, and made me take it back inside.

If you are kind enough to attempt explaining one of the items mentioned above, please realize that you are wasting your keyboard typing. You would have much better luck trying to explain these things to a brightly colored Easter egg.

3 thoughts on “More blogging frustrations from a middle-aged technophobe.

  1. You can do this. You don’t need to burn your computer. Turn off those thoughts telling you that you can’t, because you can. Don’t use the years walking this Earth as an excuse. Find someone you know who is doing this, sit and hang out with them. Or look for a YouTube video. Getting into the Commons is a matter of clicking on the link, or the underscored words. Now get to work so you can keep writing your great content that makes me laugh!

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    • I can do this!!!! (Rocky music playing as I run up the steps to blogging perfection)

      Thank you reallifemarti! I’m so glad you enjoy my stories. You do not have to worry about me stopping any time soon, I have been writing them for a while and have a hundred or so saved up.

      Unfortunately, you will have to hear me lament the blogging learning curve. Whenever I don’t understand something, it gets labeled stupid. Then, later on, I usually find out it wasn’t all that difficult at all. So there may be a weekly bitch session about my own blogging ignorance, but even those are fun to write.


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