Blog Following Etiquette?

I now have a whopping 60 followers. This honestly thrills me to no end! And it seems only polite to follow-back, all those who have followed my blog, but I’m starting to see how this could get a bit crazy. 

I have only a limited time for blogging. Most of my posts are written in spare moments throughout day on the “notes” app on my phone, or are brought up from my ridiculous story vault and dusted off to be posted. So when I have a few minutes to catch up on the blogs I follow, I usually just go to Reader and scroll through “blogs I follow”. But the more blogs I follow, the less I see of the blogs that I truly enjoy. 

I really have no interest in a blog devoted to knitting mittens out of yak’s hair. . . . Even though the blog may be very well put together and more than effectively covers the world of yak hair knitting. Yet, it seems only courteous to follow such a blog if they were kind enough to follow mine.

How do the mega-bloggers handle this issue? Do they follow all fifteen thousand bloggers who follow their site? How do they keep up with the blogs that they truly enjoy? Or do they not follow everyone automatically?

I have a great fear of being impolite to people, but I’m already losing posts from the blogs I like to the barrage of posts in my Reader . . . . And I really don’t have that many followers! 

23 thoughts on “Blog Following Etiquette?

  1. I’m no mega-blogger (although I am a sub-celebrity on Twitter [!]), but I always follow back – it’s a little ‘rule’ I made for myself with all things internet/social media. There are already enough aloof/superior/too-cool-for-school types on the ‘net without me adding to it.

    It seems like hard work, but it’s really not. Your technique of using the Reader is exactly what I do (is there any other way?), and I will honestly miss heaps of great posts as real life gets in the way. But I have found there is a core group among the blogs I follow and who follow mine – they’re the people who will take the time to actually read and comment, and I try to reciprocate that as much as possible. With the remainder, there’s always time later to check back and see if anything good has popped up, and maybe grow that core group a bit. The new stats page has made it easier to look through your follower list and do a quick check of those blogs.

    Also, maintaining a blogroll on your site (your favourite blogs out of all the ones you follow) can make it easier to check in with the ones you value most.

    And, can I have the link to that yak’s hair mitten blog? Might have to check that one out…

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    • Is blogroll just a list of blogs I like or is it something something you join?

      The owner of the Yak mitten blog was so embarrassed by my post that she immediately deleted her blog. Now I feel terrible …JK!

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      • It’s a list of Links you create in your dashboard, and the ‘purpose’ drop-down has Blogroll as an option, so you can add any web-site link you like, mark it as Blogroll, and just activate the Blogroll widget in one of your sidebars. And you can have that display as avatars or a list on your main blog page and have just a few or a few dozen that randomly rotate whenever you or your readers refresh your page.

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      • I know. If you can read this yak lady, I’m sorry. I really did like the post on yak hair leggings, please come back and I will read every yak post you write… I will even learn to knit!

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  2. Your blog, your rules. Follow who you want. Like what you consider worthy. Comment if you have something to say, and the time to do so. You shouldn’t have trouble building readership. You’re an excellent writer, with a winning style, with subject matter damn near universal. And wise enough to know, that one of the things that can put a cramp in all that, is spreading yourself to thin.


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  3. I used to be really shy about following blogs, like I felt obliged to read everything I followed but I take a leaf out of Opinionated Man’s book and now follow anything I’m vaguely interested in and if I like the look of it when it flashes up in my reader will read the post properly, if I’m not so inspired or not int he mood will move on. For the blogs I really love I try to actively check their sites every once in a while. It would be great though if WordPress could come up with a feature where you can have blogs you follow and a separate stream for favourite blogs you follow or way to highlight these so those you love don’t get lost in others.

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    • YES! That’s what I need, a separate feed. I have a bad memory and I’m not all that organized, so if I don’t see a blog for a week or so, I forget how much I like it. I would definitely like a favorites feed.

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  4. I think you tend to gravitate to certain bloggers and become regulars. I enjoy your blog, so I read it. easy enough…but it can get to be way too much. Good luck!

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    • That’s it exactly, there are blogs I gravitate to. But with limited time it seems harder to follow them if you also follow a million other blogs. I’m sure I’ll get my system down.


  5. I treat my Reader like a magazine, if I want to read something, I do. I’ve also peeked at new blogs from comments. I’ve met some wickedly engaging people and I’ve learned some exciting things.

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  6. I was just thinking about this the other day. I don’t have TIME to follow everyone who follows me… heck, I barely have time to wade through the 40 or so blogs I already follow. I’m really choosy about who I follow because if I can’t appreciate their content, there’s really no point in pretending like I do. But then I feel GUILTY because I’m like, “But they like me! I should like them too!” even if they’re content really isn’t my thing. And then I start obsessing, and I eventually have to walk away from the computer because it’s all TOO MUCH PRESSURE. *sigh* Blogging is hard.

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    • that is exactly my problem. I feel guilty, but then on the other hand, I would rather have a smaller number of people who truly enjoy following my blog than a larger number of courtesy follows. I guess I’m into quality, not quantity.

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    • Same thing with twitter. There are those that say that it’s a good idea to automatically follow back everyone that follows you. If I did that, plus tweeps I want 2 follow, my followers vs followees would b out of balance… Not to mention my newsfeed/timeline a complete mess.

      WP isn’t as bad, but still. To follow every single person… I’d end up with a massive headache very quickly (and I don’t need help in that department 😋)

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  7. I always go and have a look at the blog when someone follows me. Sometimes you know instantly that they’ve followed you just for the sake of it – so no need to follow them back. The ones that appeal to me, I follow in return. Such as yours 🙂
    I am having trouble with the Reader tho. Its not showing posts from everyone I follow. This one didn’t show up for instance. Other people are also having the same issue, just to make you aware. But WP are on the case now, so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.
    I’m a softie – I worry about people if I don’t see a post if they’ve been regular bloggers previously.


  8. I would rather have followers who actually want to read my posts rather than follow just because I followed them. I used to try to keep up with following a lot of bloggers but it got to be where I no longer even read things just scrolled through the list. I cleared out everyone and am starting over looking for blogs that genuinely interest me and hope others are doing the same when they find me. I’m up to a whole 6 followers on my new blog I started Friday. I’m cool with that. It is better than no followers. So I consider it a success thus far.


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